Multicolor calligraphic handwriting on iPhone/iPad?

The Use Your Handwriting® app for iPhone and iPad includes powerful features such as online note visualization, publishing notes as web pages and sync across devices. But it also has some features that are plain fun, like the ability to compose multicolor, calligraphic handwritten messages such as the one below.

Valentine in handwriting

Creating such a note is easy. First, go to the Prefs menu of the app and set "Calligraphic Nib" to "Fragile." This is the most expressive setting for this option.

UYH Preferences

Next, press '+' to create a new note. When the writer (the black window in which you can scribble) opens, press the color dropped button and touch the cross eyed face. This function tells UYH to change the color of every subsequent stroke that you draw.

UYH Color Picker

Now write something, and when you are done, select it and press the 'Share' button followed by your preferred method of sending your note, such as email, facebook or twitter, as shown below.

UYH share notes via Facebook,Email or Twitter

Posted on February 5, 2013.