Frequently Asked Questions

A: Edit the title by double tapping it. Shake your iPhone or iPod several times, or swipe the writing area with three fingers on iPad. Finally, finish by pressing 'Done.' Your title should be blanked out and reset.

A: Press and hold any item, then select "Alarm". Note that an upgrade to the full version is needed to gain access to this feature.

A: Press the "+" sign when no item is selected and write down your note. It will automatically be added at the end of the list.

A: Yes. To cut an item, touch it first and hold until the menu pops up. Select "Cut" and then repeat the action where you want to paste it.

A: Highlight the note by touching it. A blue arrow should appear on the right. Tap the arrow to enter into the note's list.

A: Press the "Delete+Check" button from the menu and press it again to confirm. If at any point you change your mind, touch an item after the first press.

A: To delete an item, touch it, press "Delete" and confirm by pressing "Delete" again.

A: No, it's not. The bottom menu changes its options depending on what you are touching on-screen. Touching a note will bring up note-specific options such as "Check," "Star," "Delete," "Dim" or "Email." If no note is selected, the options in the menu will refer to the list as a whole.

A: Press and hold an item, select 'reorder' and drag items around the list until you get exactly what you were looking for. Press "Done" to confirm.

A: To erase an entire note while it is being written, shake your device several times. To undo the previous bit of writing, hit undo. You can also use the eraser..

A: To set the title of a list, go to the categories menu by pressing the leftmost button. Double tap the category you want to change in the list. You should now be able to edit the title.

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